Where every room & space is a unique tail

A lesser-known fact about Rajasthani monuments is that rarely were forts, palaces and havelis (mansions) constructed at one go. Each generation added new wings, rooms and arches in an architectural style prevalent during its time. DeraMandawa has also seen such an evolution.

All our 11 Suites bring inimitable local flair in every detail. Here, generous spaces, intimate decor, traditional motifs and vibrant colours surround you with absolute tranquility. Quiet reading corners, swings, awnings and colonial era furniture come together to tell a story as complex and riveting as our history.


Modern hotel, traditional home

Our amenities and services are designed to make your stay comfortable and full of memories.

  • Variety of singular suites with ample space sunlit corners
  • Rooftops, balconies, nooks and gardens for sunlit escapes
  • Suites built on two levels comprising of lobby/galleries, a study and a bedroom
  • Traditional hospitality with our family as your hosts
  • Lavish king size beds with luxury Rajasthani linens for the perfect holiday sleep
  • Array of breakfast options, your choice of eggs, toast, fruits, fresh juices or a Rajasthani morning meal
  • Free WiFi
  • Clean baths with running cold and hot water
  • We also organize lunch or dinner for guests on prior notice

Leisure & Indulgences

On special requests, a traditional gala evening can be organized introducing guests to local flavors like music, kite flying, henna art, saree (wrap around for the ladies) or saafa (headgear for the gentlemen) tying, etc.

Traditional gala evenings

We turn our courtyard into a floral Rajasthani celebration especially for you.

Folk music performances

Enjoy our soulful folk tunes full of longing, humour and countless tales.

Henna art

Temporary tattoos made by artists who adorn your hands (and feet) with classical motifs.

Ancient Indian board games

Did you know chess was created in India? Play ancient games that even feature in our mythologies.

Kite Flying

Enjoy a sport cherished by former kings and loved by locals to this day.

Gourmet Sessions

Learn the art of authentic Rajasthani cuisine with our home recipes.

Camel Caravan

Fall in love with camels, the truest friend of a desert dweller.

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